Kotimainen varaosa- ja lisävarustekauppa 2003 lähtien

Valmistajan ilmoitus Replica- vanteistamme

Ilmoitus koskee autovalmistajien omien vanteiden Replica- versioita:

The alloy wheels “WSP Italy” are compatible spare parts type-approved according to UNECE Reg.124/07, manufactured by Acacia Srl in full compliance with the national, community and supranational regulations (Reg. 6/2002, Reg. 461/2010 , Dir. UE 46/2007 and D.M. 28 April 2008 issued by Italian Ministry of Transports in reception of the Dir. 2007/46/CE).

They are “replica replacement wheels” or “pattern part replacement wheels” and they are perfectly compatible with a specific vehicle for which they are intended exclusively in order to repair it so as to restore its original appearance and they indicate specifically, just in order to describe the destination, the car manufacturer.

The alloy wheels WSP Italy get punched inside with all the technical information provided for by the law, the mark and the indication NOT O.E.M. (NOT ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING) or compatible spare wheel in order to specify that it comes to not original spare wheel made by an independent manufacturer.