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15.08.2012 Tuner Grand Prix 2012 & Oettinger TTRS

The sport auto-High Performance Days 2012 – Success over the Whit Weekend!

Oettinger saavutti menestystä alkukesästä Hockenheimilla järjestetyssä Tuner Grand Prix- kilpailussa, meiltä koko Oettinger- valikoima- myös TTRS- malliin !

The chase for the fastest lap time in Hockenheim could not have run better. The fantastic training time of 1:09:62, on Friday had already indicated that Martin Garbrecht and the almost 500PS OETTINGER TTRS-R were a force to be reckoned with. And on Saturday the 26th. May it became reality – In front of almost 30 000 spectators, Martin Garbrecht drove the OETTINGER TTRS-R, which had been completed in only 4 weeks, to the top of the list.

1st. Place Group A, Category Coupés / Turbo

2nd. Place In the final race of the Tuner GP

Background – since Reiner Friedmann, new owner and Managing Director of OETTINGER, took the helm at the renowned tuner, the OETTINGER team are unstoppable. Middle of April it was clear that, although very late, OETTINGER would participate in the Sport Auto Tuner GP 2012.

It was to be expected that the competition at Hockenheim would be strong and so only basis vehicle which came in question was an Audi TTRS with manual transmission – but where could such a vehicle be found at such short notice? After a nerve wracking two weeks OETTINGER were able to take possession of a brand new Audi TTRS with just 20km on the clock thanks to the Audi Partner Graf Hardenberg in Offenburg. However before the TTRS could be stripped down to its component parts, the 5 cylinder turbo engine needed to be run in – For this reason an OETTINGER Technician then spooled off 3000 km (1875 miles) in just 24 hours.

The race against time was in full swing; focused and full of enthusiasm, all the modifications to the gearbox, engine, chassis and bodywork including set up and fine tuning were realised within 4 weeks by the experienced OETTINGER crew. In the last days before the Tuner GP they worked round the clock.

OETTINGER Partners, such as KW automotive, ATS, Drexler and many more helped make the impossible possible and supplied the necessary components at short notice and were always ready to support. This is especially true of the team from Carcocooning and the OETTINGER Designer, who skilfully transformed the OETTINGER TTRS-R overnight into a true eye catcher.

A shakedown and test run on the Hockenheimring were no longer possible prior to the event and so the roll out of the OETTINGER TTRS-R, with Martin Garbrecht behind the wheel, took place for the first time during the Tuner GP. The results are therefore all the more impressive. Especially the sensational lap time of 1:09:62 demonstrated the capability of the vehicle whose full potential is yet to be realised.

OETTINGER and Martin Garbrecht are looking forward to the Tuner GP in 2013

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